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Thomas Edison School of Fairfax

for the Gifted

and Talented

Fairfax GT TESF safety

Safety is our First Priority

The health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty are of utmost importance to us. Find out how we are staying safe.

Fairfax GT TESF gifted

How Do I Know If My Child Is Gifted?

See what the experts have to say about spotting giftedness in young children!

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Attend a Virtual Information Session

The first 50 participants will have their $100 application & testing fee waived! 

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Building on Your Child's Gifts and Talents

Fairfax GT TESF

Why GT Education?

Gifted students need frequent opportunities to apply their skills, deepen understanding, and develop their knowledge within a secure and flexible learning environment.

Why Choose Thomas Edison School of Fairfax?

  • Private primary school for Grades K-2nd Grade

  • Fully Accredited by Cognia (Formally AdvancED)

  • In partnership with William &  Mary University's Center for Gifted Education

  • 100% in-person classes

  • Curriculum designed to nurture high achieving students and enhance the development of the whole child and a love of learning

Fairfax GT TESF

GT Screening

Does your student show common signs of being a gifted and talented learner?

Challenge them from Kindergarten in a safe and diverse learning environment! If your child is gifted and you do not want to wait until 3rd grade for your them to be placed in a program that challenges them adequately, consider taking our GT Screening Test and find out if Thomas Edison School of Fairfax is the right fit for you.

Fairfax GT TESF

Our Philosophy

Our curriculum, program format, teaching + learning philosophy and approach are all developed through extensive Early Education and Gifted Education research. In partnership with William and Mary University's Center for Gifted Education, we offer only a top tier learning experience for our students.

Fairfax GT TESF
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