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Fairfax GT TESF W&M

Thomas Edison School of Fairfax believes in the integrity of the thoroughly researched curriculum developed by William & Mary's School of Education Center for the Gifted.  This curriculum model was developed out of 25 years of research and adheres to the inquiry based model which places questions and exploration at the center of the classroom learning model.

All information provided in this section was developed and produced by William & Mary Center for Gifted Education (CGE). Visit their website for more information!

Fairfax GT TESF W&M
Reading a Book

The Integrated Curriculum Model

According to the CGE, the Integrated Curriculum Model (ICM) constructed specifically for the gifted learner is "designed to respond to gifted learners' characteristics of precocity, intensity, and complexity through its three dimensions of advanced content, higher level processes and product development, and interdisciplinary concepts, issues, and themes." 

Fairfax GT TESF class

Framework Features

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